I would like to welcome back all of our students, staff and parents to the 14-15 school year. Over the summer months, our staff has been busy preparing for the new school year, with a focus on programs and projects which will guide us on the road to continuous progress toward our goal of excellence in education for Grayson County.

    As we move forward, there are three of these efforts which I believe will prove particularly instrumental in helping us obtain this goal.

    The first is our new staff hired this year. They include the following: 

  • Dana Russell- Information System and Technology Specialist, Technology Department

  • Amber Goad- Library Media Specialist, Grayson County High School

  • Amber Gallimore- Special Education Teacher, Independence Middle School

  • Logan Whitt- Math Teacher, Grayson County High School

  • Brianna Kirker- English Teacher, Grayson County High School

  • Erika Hill- Math Teacher, Fries Middle School

  • Deana Case- Speech Pathologist, Student Services

  • Kerry Good- Biology Teacher, Grayson County High School

  • Lisa Camichos- Social Studies Teacher, Grayson County High School

  • Rachael McKenzie- Art Teacher, Grayson County High School

  • Lisa Crede- Library Media Specialist, Fries School

  • Sharon McCombs- Guidance Counselor, Independence Elementary and Grayson Highlands School

  • Delorse Watson- Instructional Aide, Grayson County High School

    The second focus area is our Technology Initiative, or One-to-One Laptop program. This initiative will put a laptop in the hands of every 7th and 8th grader in the division, plus all students in grades 4-7 at Grayson Highlands School. This pilot program involves one third of our students and teachers and will expand to all students within the next 3 to 5 years. Each student will be allowed to take their laptop home to work on assignments and collaborate with their teacher and classmates. We will gradually transition their assignments, textbooks, and grades to software placed on one laptop. Students will have access to global resources and information that cannot be contained in a textbook. They will also be challenged to use higher level thinking skills, collaborate on project based lessons, and share in the responsibility for their own learning rather than rely on the teacher. The teacher will facilitate the learning process and explore strategies and topics with the student. Students will be encouraged to use programs like Prezi, Skype, Wiki, Animoto, and more to create presentations for their class and students across the globe. Our goal is to engage students in the way they learn, and by doing so increase student achievement and better prepare them for a future using technology.

The third area we have invested in this summer is our facilities. Below is a list of physical plant improvements that will enhance our students’ learning environment:

    o     Lighting/Ceiling Upgrades in Grayson County High School

    o     Culinary Arts cabinets and countertops in the CATE Center

    o     Air Conditioning upgrades in the  IMS/GCHS cafeteria & GCHS library

    o     Grandstand/Concession stand at Fries ball field

    o     Roof Coating at Independence Elementary School

    o     Interior Painting at Baywood School and Grayson County High School

    o     Electrical upgrades at Independence Middle School

    o     Steam trap replacement at Grayson County High School

    o     Boiler Replacement at Independence Elementary and GCHS/IMS

    o     Lighting upgrades at the CATE center

There are still facilities which need our attention, and we will continue to prioritize these projects in the future.

    We appreciate the support of all our parents and community members. We look forward to serving the families of Grayson County and partnering with you as we move forward in our educational pursuits.

    Moving Forward,

    Kevin Chalfant

    Division Superintendent