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Public Notice
Next Regular Meeting - July 11, 2016, GC Courthouse Boardroom, 6:00 p.m.
School Nutrition Charge Policy

Students may only charge $25.00 Please read the full policy.


Unpaid meal charges are not allowed in the Child Nutrition Program according to cost principles determined in accordance with federal regulations. Therefore, no free meals may be served unless a student has been approved for such through the proper application process.
In order to ensure compliance, the following procedures will be implemented:
* Student cafeteria accounts have a $25 charge limit. Adults are not allowed to charge meals.
* Once the $25 limit is reached, students will not be allowed to purchase or charge a la carte items (bottled water, extra entrees, snack items, etc.)
* Once the limit is reached, all regular meals will be on a cash basis until the debt has been cleared or a payment plan arranged.
* An alternative meal may be served to students who have a cafeteria debt which exceeds the limit. For lunch, this meal will consist of a sandwich, milk, and fruit/vegetable. Breakfast will be cereal, toast and milk. No student will go hungry because of this policy.
* All account balances, both positive and negative, will be carried forward from year to year.
* Administrators may exclude students from extra‐curricular activities or restrict privileges for students who have a cafeteria debt. Students who have a payment plan and are making reasonable payments to reduce their debt should not be excluded or restricted.
* Prepayments are encouraged, as they result in faster lunch lines and more time for the students to eat.
* All money collected will be placed in the student account to be used for breakfast, lunch, and a la carte items. If the parent wants to set limits or restrict the sale of a la carte items on their child’s account, they should contact the school cafeteria manager.
* Parents are encouraged to sign up for an online account at in order to add money to their account, and view activity and balances.
The following notification procedures will be used to remind parents of their child’s debt:
* Weekly contact will be made with parents if money is owed.
* When the debt reaches $25, the cafeteria manager will call the parents and notify them that no more charges can be made.
* If the debt is unresolved, the food service coordinator will call the parents.
* All calls will be documented, and parents will be encouraged to apply for free/reduced meal benefits if the need exists